by Pat More

Some User Comments & Feedback

Why hasn't there been any characters yet?!
- Adam

Just wrote in to say I found your site via a link from a place I frequent, devART, and I went through all 50 strips all at once (the previous Psyzoo version that is being refactored). I know alot of people can't appreciate a good strip without action, dynamics, funky speech bubbles, swearing or even the presence of mere characters, or anything else that makes a comic worth reading to them. But frankly, I won't believe anyone has written in with a positive comment regarding the non-undulative atmosphere(although peaking at certain points), the blunt humour and the excellent manipulation of words, panelling and anything that doesn't involve characters. I don't think I'm the only one. Personally, I think it would be more of a challenge for me to do a strip or a comic that DOESN'T have characters, because merely the absence of a face to convey expression would give me a hard time getting the message through, and you've obviously done it quite effortlessly. The dialogues all flow quite smoothly for all strips, and the placement of bubbles are well done, and I have no problem at all understanding each strip. In fact, the absence of physical material in each strip enables a smooth and easy read for me, compared to those comics that are chock-full of scrawls and lines, and simply give me a bloody headache when not done carefully. As an addition, almost each strip seems to me to be mildly mocking current situations in life, which I feel, is essential to any good strip, like Calvin and Hobbes(in which mockery is done a little more explicitly), for example. Others might have the assumption that people like us who share an affection for this genre of humour are freaks. Well screw their own mundane minds. All in all, I wish you the best of luck in continuing your strip. I'll be looking forward to each one. Although I feel it's a little unfortunate you couldn't come up with them any faster so I can go through 10 at a time in a week, say :D
- John O-R

Thanks for wasting my time!
- Annonymous

Excellent! Nicely pathetic. LOL
- Bob

This is the worst comic strip ever!
- Annonymous

Very entertaining.
- Paul

I like the humour but here are a few ideas...
- Benoit M